Very Affordable Rates

Experienced & Qualified Tutors

Primary & High School

Tutoring service for Primary & High School learners for all major subjects. We have a dedicated team of qualified, affordable, friendly & patient tutors to assist students. We use the latest curriculum

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Tertiary Level Tutoring

This is a Tutoring service for all major modules for Universities & Colleges. We have a dedicated team of qualified and friendly tutors that are there to assist you to pass all your modules, at very low rates.

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Workplace/Personal Skills Training

This Skills Training Solution is offered to assist employees to learn new workplace based short courses to empower them with skills to increase their overall productivity in the workplace.

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TOEFL Tutoring English Language

We offer tutorials for TOEFL which is a Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers.

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Qualified Helpful Tutors

The team of tutors are qualified in their field of tutoring and are experienced. Our selection process ensures that we have the best team to provide best quality tutoring solutions for all learners, to ensure that they get to be prepared for their exams.

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Feedback For Parents & Learners

Our Online learning platform has a functionality to provide feedback to parents, learners and employers on the performance from all assessments done on the portal. This enables for performance to be measured for learners.

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Online Tutorials & Assessments

All learners can access tutorials on the online portal via live online classes. Tutors get to facilitate these scheduled online classes. Different types of assessments are offered on the portal as well as grading. Each learner has their own portal.

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How To Get Started With A Tutor

Online Store

Securely shop online for a wide variety of educational books, study materials & courses. It caters for High Schools, Short skills training & a wide range of other levels. Click here to visit the Online Store.

Search For A Tutor

We have a wide selection of qualified & experienced tutors that are ready to assist with tutoring services. Click on this link to view their profiles & select a tutor of your choice, & we will arrange your chosen tutor. 

e-Learning Platform

We have a modern e-Learning Platform that is designed & can be customed to meet the different needs of all students and workplace based training needs for employees. Click here to view the e-Learning Platform.

Grade 8-12 All Major Subjects
Full Package For All Major Subjects Digitally

With this digital option, students have the ability to purchase this "All Access One License" which gives them access to almost all subjects from Grade 8-12. This option is very much economical for most parents.

Full Access To Your Study Material On-The-Go Digitally

The "All Access One Licence" allows all students to access all of their study materials via their smartphones, laptops & tablets on the go. No need to be fixed in one location.

Grade 8-12 Curriculum Aligned Books

These paper based books are available from Grade 8-12 for all major subjects, and are all based & alligned with the current curriculum for CAPS & IEB. Delivery for your books is arranged as soon as the payment is done.

The Answer Series provides learners with up-to-date, comprehensive study guides for all major subjects from Grade 8 to 12..

Available As E-Books & Hard-Copy Books at low prices

We use a methodical, basics-first approach to guide you easily through challenging course material.

Comprehensive study guides.

Graded questions, solutions and study notes

Exam questions and full solutions

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We are constantly looking for new partnerships with different stakeholders, so that we can strengthen mutual interests and further develop our products & services offerings.

Experienced & Qualified tutors wanted

Are you an experienced, passionate & qualified tutor who can tutor between Grades 6 to 12 and Tertiary Level modules/courses & looking to offer your services?. Please get in touch with us.

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seta Accredited Facilitators & moderators wanted

Are you an experienced, passionate & SETA accredited Facilitator or Moderator looking to partner up?. Please get in touch with us.

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TOEFL Tutor Training

Would you love to teach the English language to Non-English speakers globally?, If yes, then you are in the right place as we offer TOEFL Training together with our Accredited Training partners.

Matrics Revision Camps

These are final revision sessions for all Matric Students and are designed to fully prepare students for their final Matric exams. The experienced Tutors always align these sessions to the latest curriculum.

TOEFL Learning

This tutoring service is available to all Non-English speaking people who want to learn the English language for many various different reasons for easier communication in the global world.